Mountain AHEC

Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC - Asheville, NC)


Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray, MD
Campus Clerkship Director


Several practices are used as teaching sites, based on availability; these range from the Asheville area to small town (Brevard, Fletcher) to rural (Bakersville, Burnsville, Celo, Linville). Each practice ensures exposure to a wide range of primary care services, prevention, family systems and video precepting, with obstetrics available at Bakersville and Linville. Students will be housed 10-30 minutes from their teaching site. Orientation is held in Chapel Hill on the first Monday and daybacks are held on the second-fifth Thursday at the MAHEC Family Health Center/Residency Program in Asheville. A car is essential for this region. Please be advised, a 4WD or AWD vehicle would be beneficial (though not required) in some of the more mountainous areas of this AHEC region. If students are concerned about this, they should contact  at the MAHEC ORPCE office well in advance of their rotations.

  • Community Preceptors: Click here for a listing of area preceptors teaching in the clerkship.
  • Seminar Days: Thursday, weeks 2-5. Report to MAHEC Residency Center in Asheville
  • Preceptorship Assignments: Contact , 828-257-4430
  • Housing Information: , 828-257-4430