Day 1 Orientation

***Please note: the Family Medicine Clerkship has changed, and is now the Primary Care Clerkship. You may find information about the new course in Sakai. Contact us with any questions!

During the Orientation we will provide an overview of the clerkship but will also jump in and begin teaching. You will deepen your skills of motivational interviewing and introduce concepts of minimally disruptive medicine. You will learn a different approach to clinical reasoning and will dust off your musculoskeletal exam skills.

Preparation prior to orientation is essential. A short quiz will assess your baseline knowledge prior to the session on motivational interviewing and minimally disruptive medicine . The orientation preparation readings and video are on the website.

As you prepare, also review the other parts of the website to give you a sense of the goals of the clerkship, how you will learn, and how you will be assessed. Guiding your own learning will be a vital part of your future practice. Before Monday, please complete the student background and interest form to give your preceptor a clear idea of what you would like out of the rotation.
Please arrive promptly at 8am this coming Monday July 2 in the Clinical Skills Lab in the Burnett Womack building.  The schedule for this day is:
8:00 – 11:00:  orientation to the logistics of the clerkship and preparation for the CARE assignment (TBL session).
11:00 -12:45:  Lunch
1:00 – 4:30 MSK and Procedures workshop.. wear or bring clothes to allow you to practice musculoskeletal exams on each other:  shorts and T shirts are the most comfortable.
You will travel to your respective AHEC sites the next day and should be receiving an email about your assigned site and living arrangements from your AHEC campus clerkship director. Please let me know if you have not received this information.
A quick note on the topic of learning. We have developed a variety of strategies for you to learn during the clerkship. We hope you find these useful.
During the orientation, we will loan you a FM textbook (the most recent edition of Essentials of Family Medicine) for the duration of the clerkship.
In the resources section of the website, we have compiled the best learning tools and resources discovered by students and faculty in past rotations.
Finally we have two books in the Book Exchange to help you learn during the rotation (Case Files & PreTest). If you are unfamiliar with the Book Exchange, talk to your classmates.

You should also review other parts of the website in advance to get a sense of the goals of the clerkship and how students will learn and be assessed. Guiding ones own learning is a crucial part of the clerkship. Before Monday, you should complete the Student Interest form to give your preceptor a clear idea of the preceptor should individualize teaching.

The schedule for the day is:

  • 9:00 – 12:15: Orientation to the logistics of the clerkship and learning session on Motivational Interviewing & Minimally Disruptive Medicine
  • 12:15-1:00:  Lunch
  • 1:00 - 3:00: MSK and Procedures workshop (wear or bring clothes to allow you to practice musculoskeletal exams on each other:  shorts and T shirts are the most comfortable) Review clerkship assignments
  • 3:00 - 4:00: Clinical Reasoning Discussion 

As an optional assignment students can sign up for evidence based resources. This will allow students to receive and evaluate up-to-date information and explore strategies for keeping up with the literature.