Clinical Resources


Clinical Resources as You See Patients


Interactive cases on New England Journal of Medicine site that allows you to test your clinical skills on puzzling cases

Great videos and references on 25 common physical exams from a master diagnostician (Abraham Verghese)

Excellent resource available with following log in Username: UNCFammed Password: resident

Great podcasts especially if you have a long commute

Really well done website with beautiful graphics that are easy to understand

An amazingly easy to understand video that shows the benefit of walking. Consider using with your patients

Peer reviewed articles on relevant topics published in the AAFP journal "American Family Physician"

Up to date peer reviewed guidelines for multiple conditions

A public resource for evidence-based practice guidelines.

Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN) helps answer common questions in evidence based way

Useful risk calculator for CHD risk

Site will take you to the search page for this journal

Evidence-based health care site in Oxford, England

Site provides general medical reviews. You'll need to register, but it's free.

Current Guidelines for prevention. Follow link to ePSS on site to get app for iphone or palm. Great place to look for grade A recommendations

Deepen your dermatology knowledge with cases and quizzes. (log in: uncfamily password heels1). You can also spend more time refining your dermatology knowledge by following this link.

Very elegant modules put out by UNC Nutrition Department. Sign up for free and use Nutrition Education for Practicing Physician Modules. Has everything from nutrition in Sports Medicine to nutrition for the elderly

Concise clinical pearls related to prenatal care, intrapartum care, postpartum care, and infant care. Created by the UNC Department of Family Medicine. Onyen login and password is required to access site.

A resource for students considering a career in Family Medicine.

Website to help patients understand evidence behind prevention strategiesReally well done website with beautiful graphics that are easy to understand