Alejandra Rozenberg

Alejandra Rozenberg, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher





Contact Info

UNC Gene Therapy Center
CB# 7352
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Office: 5111 Thurston Bowles
Phone:  919-962-2566
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Research Interests

I am a DVM from Argentina, with experience in Small Animal Surgery and a special interest in Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

I have previously worked in Dr. Paola Leone’s lab doing research on Canavan Disease, performing intracranial delivery of the missing enzyme in a mouse model for the disease.

My current projects involve testing gene therapy approaches for Batten Disease (INCL and LINCL). My work entails using AAV vectors to deliver the missing genes (TPP1, PPT1) to mouse models of both presentations of the disease. I am evaluating the mice for improvement in disease symptoms an overall survival. The purpose of these experiments is to test the feasibility of global gene delivery approaches that could be translatable to humans.