Welcome to the Sullivan Lab

The major focus of the Sullivan lab is the genetic dissection of complex traits of great public health importance — particularly schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, smoking behavior, chronic fatigue, and autism. We employ genetic approaches to investigating the etiology, pharmacogenetics, and clinical sub-typing of these disorders. We take the phrase "complex trait" seriously; no single lab will be able to solve these problems in isolation. This requires that we collaborate in a real way with experts in many other disciplines. We have deep links with researchers in other UNC departments/centers and other institutions worldwide.

The Sullivan Lab is located in the Department of Genetics, in the School of Medicine, at UNC Chapel Hill. Dr. Sullivan is the Ray M. Hayworth & Family Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and holds additional appointments in PsychiatryEpidemiology, the Carolina Center for Genome Sciences and the Lineberger Cancer Center. Major external collaborations are with colleagues at the Broad Institute and the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, where Dr. Sullivan is a Foreign Adjunct Professor.

Major funding sources for the Sullivan Lab include the US National Institutes of Health, the Foundation of Hope, the Foundation for the NIH, and Autism Speaks.