Clinical Services

The UNC Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology is the premier academic practice in North Carolina and among the top programs nationwide.  Faculty members are widely recognized for their expertise, clinical skills, and dedication to patients.  We have more of America’s Best Doctors® than the GI faculty of all the other North Carolina medical schools – combined.  UNC gastroenterologists have written many of the national guidelines for diagnosing and treating digestive and liver diseases.  Each year we staff more than 25,000 clinic visits and perform more than 20,000 GI endoscopic procedures and 3,500 motility procedures.  We strive to deliver high quality, personalized, and compassionate care to each person we treat. 99% of patients cared for in our outpatient clinic and 97% of patients treated in our GI procedure units would recommend us to a friend. Ongoing programs aim to continuously improve quality of care and patient experiences. When indicated, we work closely with GI surgeons and other specialists, UNC HCS dieticians provide dietary and nutritional counselling, and a GI psychologist performs psychological assessments and provides therapy.

    Our services are sub-divided into the following eight clinical programs: