About Us

The Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease is dedicated to research into and care of patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Established in 1999, the Center now includes seven faculty gastroenterology experts in IBD, three faculty IBD gastrointestinal surgeons, and two pediatric IBD gastroenterologists , making it among the largest and most highly regarded IBD programs in the nation. We are supported by a talented group of IBD clinical nurses and ostomy nurses. We perform cutting-edge basic, translational, and clinical research, and provide state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary care.

IBD Group 2016

Team Members

  • Co-Directors: Hans Herfarth, MD, PhD and Mark Koruda, MD (Surgery)
  • Faculty Adult Gastroenterologists:
    • Jonathan Hansen, MD, PhD
    • Hans Herfarth, MD, PhD
    • Kim Isaacs MD, PhD
    • Millie Long, MD, MPH
    • Shehzad Sheikh, MD, PhD
    • Animesh Jain, MD
    • Edward Barnes, MD, MPH
  • Faculty Pediatric Gastroenterologists:
    • Michael Kappelman, MD MPH
    • Ajay Gulati, MD
  • Faculty IBD Gastrointestinal Surgeons:
    • Mark Koruda, MD
    • Timothy Sadiq, MD
    • Nicole Chaumont, MD
  • Psychologist
    • Robyn Claar, PhD
  • Nurses and Staff
    • Anthea Darling, RN
    • Laurie Powers, RN
    • Christina Patskoski, RN
  • Administrators:
    • Linda Miller

Our Services

Gastroenterologists, surgeons, specialty nurses, and a psychologist work together to provide comprehensive care for patients with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, pouch disorders, and microscopic colitis. Within our clinic we provide second opinions and ongoing care (we often work with patients’ local physicians), administer infusion therapies, and offer access to clinical trials. In our GI Procedures Unit we diagnose, stage, and treat these conditions. There is also a full service wound, ostomy and continence nursing (WOCN) clinical practice to assist patients when needed.

For questions or additional information about the Gastroenterology Clinic click here, for the GI Procedures Unit click here, and for the GI Motility Unit click here.

How to schedule an appointment

All new patients must be referred by another physician. Your referring physician should simply fax a completed referral form (available here) and relevant medical records to 919-966-3414. “IBD clinic” should be specified on the referral form. Upon receipt, a UNC gastroenterologist will review the request and our scheduling office will call you to schedule the appointment. If you have any questions or need to reschedule your appointment please call 919-966-6000.

Clinical Trials

Our center is committed to discovering new treatments for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. At any given time we typically have 5-10 treatment trials for both ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, as well as a variety of registry studies that examine drug safety, as well as IBD and pregnancy. For a partial list of ongoing trials click here. For more complete information please contact our study staff at ibdtrials@med.unc.edu.

How to contact us

For general questions please call 919-966-8946. For urgent clinical questions during daytime hours, please call 919-966-4131 and ask to page the GI ambulatory fellow (pager # 123-7044). For urgent clinical questions after hours, please call 919-966-4131 and ask to page the GI fellow on call (pager # 123-7010).

For additional information please click here to visit the UNC Multidisciplinary Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease website.