Surgical Grand Rounds

Surgical Grand Rounds are conducted on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7:15 A.M. in the 4th floor Old Clinic auditorium.

Upcoming Grand Rounds Presentation (.pdf)

Grand Rounds Disclosure Agreement (.ppt) (needs to be first and last slide for speaker)

4 Question Quiz for CME Credit from Grand Rounds (currently from 9/30/2015 Grand Rounds)



James E. Manning, MD
Departments of Emergency Medicine and Surgery

Endovascular and Extracorporeal Resuscitation in Trauma: REBOA, SAAP, ECMO, and EPR



Joint Anesthesia and Department of Surgery Interdisciplinary M&M Conference


Anthony A. Meyer, MD
Chair of Department of Surgery

Conflict of Interest


Anna Johnson, MD
General Surgery Resident

Megan Quintana, MD
General Surgery Resident

Breast Cancer: A Consensus Guideline on Margins for Breast Conservation Therapy


HJ Kim, MD
Division of Surgical Oncology

Lavinia Kolarczyk, MD
Department of Anesthesiology

Robert Isaak, DO
Department of Anesthesiology

Enchanced Recovery- Multi-Institutional Panel



Joint Anesthesia and Department of Surgery Interdisciplinary M&M Conference


Raghu Vallabhaneni, MD
Division of Vascular Surgery

Modern Management of Type B Dissections


Kirk Caddell, MD
General Surgery Resident

Aimee Kim, MD
General Surgery Resident

Antibiotic Therapy vs Appendectomy for Treatment of Uncomplicated Appendicitis

Trial and Short Course Antimicrobial Therapy for Inttraabdominal Infection


Jennifer Nelson, MD
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

From Open Drop Ether to Early Extubation: A Historical Perspective on Congenital Heart Surgery and Anesthesia


James Hwang, MD
NC Jaycee Burn Center

Advances in Burn Care


Zhen Gu, PhD
Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNC and NC State University

Small and Smart Drug Delivery


Mark Kaplan, MD, FACS
Albert Einstein Medical Center

Pitfalls in the Management of the Open Abdomen


Elizabeth Dreesen, MD
Division of General and Acute Care Surgery

Michael Phillips, MD
General Surgery Residents

Epic Updates



No Grand Rounds


The Burn Lab

Defining the Immune Response after Inhalational or Combined Radiation Burn Injuries


David Ollila, MD
Division of Surgical Oncology

Karyn Stitzenberg, MD
Division of Surgical Oncology

Melanoma: Therapeutic Progress.... Finally!!

Patterns of Readmission after Major Cancer Surgery
6/10/2015 Anthony Meyer, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery

Awards Presentation

6/3/2015 William Adamson, MD
Division of Pediatric Surgery

Evolution of a Surgical Specialty: The Future of Pediatric Surgery

5/27/2015 Benham Pourdeyheni, MD
Associate Dean for Industry Research and Extension at North Carolina State University

Research Presentation

5/20/2015 Ashish Jain, MD
General Surgery Resident

Scott Moore, MD
General Surgery Resident

The Role of Albumin in Severe Sepsis

Life in the Balance: Does the Type of Crystalloid Matter When Resuscitating Septic Patients?

5/13/2015 Paul T. Frantz, MD
Medical Director, Cardiac Services at Carilion Roanoake Memorial Hospital, Roanoke, Va.
Challenges, Complexities, and Compromises: Welcome to the New World
5/6/2015 Bill Marston, MD
Division of Vascular Surgery
Chronic Deep Venous Disease: Magnitude of the Problem and Emerging Therapeutic Options
4/29/2015 Colonel Andrew Landers
Commander for Joint Special Operations Medical Training (JSOMTC)
Special Operations Medicine
4/22/2015 Kristen Sell, MD
Surgery Resident

Eva Waller, MD
Anesthesiology Resident
Joint Anasthesia and Department of Surgery Interdisciplinary M&M Conference
4/15/2015 Mock Orals
4/8/2015 Nichole Chaumont, MD
UNC School of Medicine

Raeshell Sweeting, MD
General Surgery Resident
Timing of Surgery and Chemo for Colorectal Cancer

KRAS/EGFR in Colorectal Cancer
4/1/2015 David Gerber, MD
Director of Abdominal Transplantation
"Regenerative Medicine: Today's Science- Tomorrow's Patient"
3/25/2015 Cary Levine, PhD
Associate Professor of Contemporary Art
The Art of Surgery: Thomas Eakins and the Birth of Modern Medicine

Director Lisa Terry
UNC Hospital Police

Lt. Derrick Potash
UNC Hospital Police

"Shots Fired"- Active Shooter Response in Health Care Environment


Michael Phillips, MD
General Surgery Resident

Chris Tignanelli, MD
General Surgery Resident

Inhalation Injury


Kristalyn Gallagher, DO
Division of Surgical Oncology

Lawrence Kim, MD
Division of Surgical Oncology

Axillary Reverse Mapping: Reducing the Incidence of Lymphedema after Axillary Surgery

Summary and Update on Recent Publications in Thyroid Disease



Research Presentation


Dominika James, MD
Department of Anesthesiology

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Perioperative Neuraxial Analgesia


Sumayah Hargette, MD
General Surgery Resident

Laura Boschini, MD
General Surgery Resident

Paraesophageal Hernias


Cindy Wu, MD
Division of Plastic Surgery

Autologous Fat Grafting in Breast and Burn Reconstruction


Chris Tignanelli, MD
General Surgery Resident

Sumayah Hargette, MD
General Surgery Resident

Ryan Bialas, MD, MPH
Anesthesiology Resident

Joint Anesthesia and Department of Surgery Interdisciplinary M&M Conference


David Weber, MD, MPH
UNC Hospitals Epiedmiology

Deverick Anderson, MD, MPH
Duke Hospitals Epidemiology

Prevention of Surgical Site Infections


Haitao Wen, PhD
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Nrf2-mediated Pentose Phosphate Pathway Activity Promotes Macrophage Inflammasome Activation and Bacterial Killing in Microbial Sepsis


William Adamson, MD
Division of Pediatric Surgery

Current Evidence-Based Management of Pediatric Appenditicitis


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Reza Rahbar, MD

Division of GI Surgery