Hernia Surgery

The UNC Health Care Hernia Center


The center is dedicated to providing the best hernia care for a variety of hernia types in adults.

droplet bullet It is built on the concept of specialization for up-to-date management and treatment of the various hernia conditions.
droplet bullet It evaluates thoroughly the available hernia publications and communications for the best evidence how to provide care.
droplet bullet It aims at organized utilization of techniques, materials and resources.
droplet bullet It embraces innovation in concepts, technology and teaching.
droplet bullet It critically reviews all facets of hernia care at UNC Health Care. The data is used for continuous quality improvement (CQI) of outcomes and patient satisfaction.


The Hernia Center specializes in different types of repairs of abdominal hernias and abdominal wall reconstruction:

droplet bullet Femoral hernia - located near the crease of the leg in the abdominal area, generally lower than the more common inguinal hernia.
droplet bullet Incisional hernia - located generally in the abdomen area of any prior surgical incision or scar.
droplet bullet Inguinal hernia - located in the groin area between your abdomen and thigh.
droplet bullet Umbilical hernia - located in or around the navel, or umbilicus.
droplet bullet Ventral hernia - located anywhere on the abdominal wall; most common is the midline.
droplet bullet Other hernias include:  Abdominal wall reconstruction after infection, trauma, etc..

Long-term follow up is organized through the Hernia Center after care is completed by the surgeons participating in the Hernia Center. Easy access and ongoing support of CQI efforts are core features of the Hernia Center.

Making an appointment

Important Phone Numbers:

General and Acute Care Surgery   919-966-4389
UNC Hospitals:                                919-966-4131

Founding members of the Hernia Center:

Hartwig Bunzendahl, MD, PhD, Director of UNC Hernia Center (retired)
Wayne Overby, MD, Gastrointestinal Surgery
Mark Koruda, MD, Chief, Gastrointestinal Surgery
Anthony A. Meyer, MD, PhD, Chair, Department of Surgery
Preston B. Rich, MD, Chief, Trauma & Critical Care
C. Scott Hultman, MD, Plastic Surgery
Lynn Damitz, MD, Plastic Surgery