No Referrals Necessary for Gastric Bypass


We offer the most accepted and evidence-based procedures by minimally invasive approach.

These include gastric bypass as well as revisions for complications related to previous weight-loss procedures.



  • Business hours – (919) 966-8436 – A member of our staff will be happy to help you. No referrals are needed.  Lisa Prestia is our Bariatric Nurse Coordinator.
  • Most insurance companies require records verifying a patient's history of obesity and weight-loss attempts, as well as co-morbid conditions; after signing a release of medical information, records are generally requested by the patient from your office.
  • Patients are required to complete an intake packet which details medical history; some patients may need assistance completing their packet.
  • While we accept most commercial insurance (though some companies require patients to have an obesity "rider"),
    • We accept Medicare,
    • We do not accept Medicaid,
    • Charity care patients are NOT eligible for non-emergent procedures.