Graduation Checklist


Graduating in May 2015?  Here’s your to-do list:

[ ] Apply to graduate.  Go to your UNC Campus Portal and log in. In the "ConnectCarolina Student Center", click on the My Academics link, then choose the Apply for Graduation link. Complications of failing to apply to graduate by February 18th, 2015 may include inability to graduate in 2015. 

[ ] Check the name on your diploma.  While you're in ConnectCarolina, check the name UNC has on record for you, which you can access from My AcademicsView Graduation StatusTHIS IS THE NAME THAT WILL APPEAR ON YOUR DIPLOMA. If you wish to change it, then you need to visit main campus Registrar (3rd floor SASB North) with a picture ID. Bring confirmation of name change to 1001 Bondurant Hall. Diplomas will be printed in February and will reflect the name in the system at that time. A diploma will have to be re-ordered at the cost of $25 if your name changes after the deadline and you desire the change to be reflected on your diploma. 

[ ] Please pay your graduation fee via one of the following methods:

- PAYING ONLINE via PayPal ( to Choose the “I'm sending money to family or friends” option.  


- Make a check out to: Medical Foundation of North Carolina and write “MS4 Class Account” in the memo line and:

a. Hand your checks in to either Brian or Sam, OR, 
b. Drop them off at the front of the Student Affairs Office, OR, 
c. Send it via mail to:

Jan Lovell, Re: MS4 Class Account 

UNC School of Medicine
Office of Medical Alumni Affairs
G050 Bondurant Hall
Campus Box 9530
Chapel Hill, NC 2559

[ ] Familiarize yourself with the Oath and Prayer: Follow the link to find the oath and prayer. If you have any questions or would like to voice some changes please e-mail Brian and Sam (