Welcome to the Healthcare Improvement Group

The UNC Medical Student Chapter of the IHI Open School

UNC’s Healthcare Improvement Group is a chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Open School.  The purpose of the Open School is “to provide a collaborative venue for professional health sciences students to gain fundamental knowledge and skills in healthcare quality and process improvement.”  The HIG aims to reach these goals through:

  • Quality Improvement Projects
  • Speaker Series
  • Healthcare Improvement Panel


If Atul Gawande Thinks it is Important…


The revolution that remade how other fields handle complexity is coming to health care, and I think you sense it… Two years ago, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement started its Open School, offering free online courses in systems skills such as outcome measurement, quality improvement, implementation, and leadership. They hoped a few hundred medical students would enroll. Forty-five thousand did. You’ve recognized faster than any of us that the way we train, practice, and innovate has to change.

-Dr. Atul Gawande


Please check back for more information or email us at unc.ihi@gmail.com