Clinical Research



Carey Anders, MD Breast cancer
Ethan Basch, MD Prostate, patient-reported outcomes, drug regulatory policy, comparative effectiveness
Stephen Bernard, MD, FACP GI Malignancies; palliative care and supportive care program
Lisa Carey, MD Breast Cancer; clinical/translational research in breast cancer including evaluation of novel drug combinations and clinical implications of molecular sub-typing
Cheryl Carlson, MD, PhD GI cancers
Frances Collichio, MD Melanoma, Breast Cancer, Neuro-oncology and related Phase I/II studies; Associate Fellowship Director and Director for Fellowship Education
E. Claire Dees, MD Breast cancer and Phase I/development therapeutics
Matthew Foster, MD Hematologic Malignancies
Paul Godley, MD, PhD GU cancer, epidemiology and nutritional causes of prostate cancer; minority outreach initiatives, disparities
Juneko Grilley-Olson, MD Head and neck cancer, lung cancer, sarcomas, developmental therapeutics, Phase I trials
David Neil Hayes, MD, MPH Head and Neck Cancer, Thoracic oncology, bioinformatics and micro-array analysis in solid tumors
Katarzyna Jamieson, MD Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma Program, Bone marrow transplantation
Trevor Jolly, MD Geriatric Oncology, Geriatric Assessment of Older Cancer Patients
William Kim, MD GU cancer and basic investigations in hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) in tumorigenesis
Carrie Lee, MD, MPH Melanoma, lung cancer, and Phase I clinical trials (novel anti-cancer agents).
Autumn McRee, MD GI cancer
Matthew Milowsky, MD GU malignancies
Shannon Morris, MD, PhD
Stergios Moschos, MD Melanoma
Hyman Muss, MD Breast cancer, geriatric oncology
Steven Park, MD Hematologic malignancies
Kimryn Rathmell, MD, PhD GU malignancies and laboratory investigations of carcinogenesis and tumor suppressor genes
Katherine Reeder-Hayes, MD, MBA Breast cancer, health services research
Kristy Richards, PhD, MD Translational research in lymphoma, pharmacogenomics
Hanna Sanoff, MD, MPH GI, high risk populations, treatment-related toxicity
Jonathan Serody, MD Bone Marrow Transplant; dendritic cell vaccine in breast cancer, animal models of graft vs host disease and chemokine activation and regulation
Thomas Shea, MD Director of the Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Program; Associate Director for the Outreach Program - UNC- LCCC; clinical trials in hematologic malignancies
Cecile Skrzynia, MS, CGC Cancer Genetics; breast, GI and other inherited cancer genetics syndromes
Thomas Stinchcombe, MD Associate Director of the Fellowship Program; Thoracic oncology and Phase I trials
Hendrik van Deventer, MD Hematologic malignancies and laboratory investigations in the role of chemokines in the development of tumor metastases
Peter Voorhees, MD Hematologic malignancies; Phase I/developmental therapeutics, clinical and translational research in multiple myeloma and leukemia
Jared Weiss, MD Head and neck , thoracic malignancies
Young Whang, MD, PhD GU malignancies; laboratory-based studies examining aberrant signal transduction pathways and loss of tumor suppressor genes such as PTEN in carcinogenesis
William Wood, MD Hematologic malignancies, stem cell transplantation, health services
Jing Wu, MD. PhD Clinical and translational research in neuro-oncology