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Genetic Testing Webinar         Ofri Leitner  MS, CGC

Nov 25, 2014

Anemia and Iron Webinar   Raj Kasthuri, MD

Feb 11 2014


CURE HHT International Foundation Website


More Than a Nosebleed - Video


National Society of Genetic Counselors


Clot Connect


Radiology Imaging and Procedure Information


Epistaxis Severity Score


Healthcare Provider Resources


HHT International Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management


Important Articles


Antibiotic Prophalaxis and Dental Care

NC-HHT Patient Support Group

NC-HHT is a regional patient support group designed to provide information and support for HHT patients and their families. It is affiliated with the HHT Foundation International. Information is provided to members on a periodic basis. There is no cost to join.

Nona Saling, NC-HHT Patient Support Coordinator,
6509 Falconbridge Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC  27517
H 919-419-7888   C 919-475-3800