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2nd Annual “CURE HHT” Walk/Run

UNC Health Care, the UNC HHT Center of Excellence, and the Vascular Interventional Radiology Division of UNC Heart & Vascular are hosting the 2nd Annual ‘Cure HHT’ 5K walk/run on Saturday, March 14 at 8:30am in Chapel Hill!  Register for the Walk/Race event online at SportOften.com and use Promo Code HHTWEB to save $5 on your registration.       

 Click here to find out more about the event and see pictures from last year’s inaugural event!


UNC HHT Center of Excellence

Patient and Family Conference

There will be a HHT Patient and Family Conference from 1pm – 4:30pm on Saturday after the 5K walk.

Attendance is free! The conference is open to anyone interested in learning more about HHT.  Parking is $8.  Lunch will be provided from noon to 1pm. 

Physicians from UNC will discuss the latest advances in the treatment of HHT. There will also be small group breakout sessions where you will get the opportunity to ask questions on topics like nose-bleed management, anemia, genetic testing, screening for AVMs and the safety of supplements and over the counter medications in people with HHT.

Please contact the UNC HHT Program Coordinator Karen Smith at or (919) 966-2790 to register for the conference. 

Our Mission

The UNC HHT Center of Excellence is committed to enhancing the health and quality of life of individuals with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia, and their families by providing expert, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, patient centered healthcare services, patient and provider education, and ongoing research.


UNC HHT Regional Patient Conference
Dr Kasthuri speaking at the HHT Regional Patient Conference at UNC


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