Tracking Reviews for Appt and Promotions for Tenure Track Fall 07 - 08
In SOM HR Web Docs File
Appointment Promotion and Tenure Track Checklist
In SOM HR Website docs file
Vacant Faculty Position Proposal - Prior Approval Form
In the SOM HR Web docs file
Checklist for Fixed Term Faculty Promotions
In the SOM HR website docs.
Fixed Term Track Faculty Promotions Calendar 2007 to 2009
Found in SOM HR Website Docs
Basic Science Prior Approval Form
External Independent Review Request Letter - Clinical Scholarship
External Independent Review Request Letter - Research
Calendar for Tracking Appointments for Tenure Track Faculty
Salary Reduction Form
Compliance Work Plan Principle Function EPA
Fixed-Term End of Appointment Sample Letter with Benefits Info
2010 Fixed Term Track Tracking Promotions Committee Calendar
2010 Fixed Term Faculty Promotions Calendar
SOM APT Guidelines Rev 02/2009
Fixed-Term Faculty Offer Letter with Required Salary Statement
2011 Calendar for Tracking Reviews of Promotions (only) for Fixed Term Track Faculty
Hiring Exception Request Form Revised Jan 2011
Fixed Term Promotions Tracking Calendar 2011-2012
SOM Guidelines for ARP Revised Feb 2012
EPA NF Permanent EE New Apt (Contract) Letter Template - w/NEO Dec 2011
2013 Fixed Term Track Tracking Calendar
APT Guidelines June 2012
Guidelines for Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion of Faculty
2013 Fixed Term Track Tracking Reviews of Promotions (only)
2014 Fixed Term Track Tracking Calendar
UNC SOM APT Guidelines 2014
CV Standardized Format - Revised May 2014
Saved in EPA Files
CV Standardized Format - Revised June 2014
CV Policy Change May 2014 with SOM Format Final June 2014
2016 Fixed Term Track Tracking Calendar