We have developed and implement policies and procedures that address the logistical, procedural, and legal restrictions involved with the Human Pluripotent Stem Cell (HPSC) Core Facility. Specific policy includes the following items:

  1. All investigators must first submit a brief research proposal to the facility detailing their requirements and how they plan to use the Human Pluripotent Stem Cell (HPSC) Core. This statement should include an outline of the study background, methods and aims. It should also contain copies of IRB and ESCRO approvals. Contact information and credentials for the investigator and members of the investigator’s laboratory should also be included.
  2. The investigator must provide documentation that their study has been subject to IRB/ESCRO review and approval before cell lines are made available or any study is initiated.
  3. The investigator will initially meet with HPSC Core Facility staff prior to the initiation of the study to review the specific needs of each study, to assess to what extent the HPSC Core Facility is able to fulfill those needs, and counsel investigators in identifying which cell lines are best suited for their specific applications.
  4. Cell lines in use by investigators are not to be sold or shared with any third party or other investigator. Cell lines will not be cultured or used outside the HPSC Core, or used for research other than that described in the approved statement of research. If there are collaborators on a study for which cell lines are being used, those investigators need to be listed as collaborators on the original study and included in a statement of research.
  5. Upon identifying which cell line is optimal the investigators will directly purchase or otherwise license the cell line from the supplier. These cells may be used in further studies either within the HPSC Core or in the investigator’s own laboratory (under any required agreements or limitations placed by the supplier).
  6. HPSC Core Facility directors will meet to review all research proposals on a first come first serve basis to examine each study for scientific and practical feasibility.
  7. Differentiated cell lines resulted from individual studies will remain in the HPSC Core Facility as frozen stocks. Live cell lines must not be removed from the HPSC Core Facility for use in investigator laboratories.
  8. Cell lines used have a unique ID code generated by the HPSC Core Facility. Although they are considered human tissue, the lines maintained by the HPSC Core Facility are commercially available and as such have no patient identifying information associated with them.
  9. Time, space and equipment use will be allocated to investigators by the HPSC Core Facility staff. Investigators will abide by this allocation unless the investigator needs change, in which case the investigator and the HPSC Core Facility will meet to reassess the investigator’s needs.
  10. The investigator must agree to abide by policies and procedures of the HPSC Core Facility. A signed letter of research agreement between the HPSC Core Facility and the investigator will be maintained on file at the HPSC Core Facility for any work that utilizes HPSC Core Facility resources or cell lines.