Introduction to Acute Care, (IAC)


IAC is a longitudinal course composed of three sections taken while students are attending various Clerkships.


The three sections and Clerkship locations are as follows:


BLS Session:

For AY 2012-2013, there is the opportunity to ‘opt out’ of BLS during the Transition Course.  This applies only to students who have current BLS Healthcare Provider certification.  This does not provide credit for a grade for this session.  Students will be able to gain grade credit for BLS when they recertify in BLS.  Recertification is 2 hours versus the 4 hours for initial certification thus students with BLS certification are receiving some credit for their certification.   Recertification will be done at the time they take the ACLS section of IAC.


Airway / Pediatric Session:

This block covers airway management of both the adult and pediatric patient.  In addition, there are pediatric skills taught:  IV, intraosseous access, and use of height and weight chart.  At the end of the sessions students will have the opportunity to take the IV training they have been learning to the next step by placing an IV in a classmate.

*Please check your assigned date as there are three dates that do not fall on this sequence.

A lab coat or stethoscope is not required for this session, but please wear your school ID.


Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

The American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course presents the skills and didactic information needed to handle a cardiac arrest, acute myocardial infarction, stroke, and post resuscitation care.  ACLS emphasizes the importance of basic life support (CPR) to patient survival, the intergration of CPR with advance life support interventions.

ACLS uses simulated clinical scenarios for both instruction and testing.

The reference material for ACLS is 2010 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider Manual by the American Heart Association (which includes algorithm cards and CD).  Refer to the Resources section for details.

The class will not be a rehash of the material in the ACLS book.  Class will be a practical application of this material.  It is imperative that you read this material prior to coming to class.   This preparation also includes completing the ACLS Pre-Test.  Please complete the Pre-Test and bring your printed score to class. The score is not a portion of your ACLS grade, but indicates areas to emphasize during the course. The website information for the Pre-Test is on page ii of the book.

*A lab coat or stethoscope is not required for this session, but please wear your school ID.