Staff Biographies

Diane Hunter - Diane has an associate degree in business from Welch College in Nashville, TN. Diane is the Administrative Support for clinical services.  She supports Drs. Ringel, Crockett, and Peery. She also provides support and information to patients. Diane comes to us with 3 ½ years of previous service with the State of NC and 23 years of experience with Verizon.


Sheila Crawford, RN -- Ms. Crawford is the head nurse for the GI Motility Lab.


Jennifer Layton -- Mrs. Layton is an administrative assistant for clinical services. She facilitates the referral and scheduling process as well as providing support and information to patients seeking treatment. She attended North Carolina State University for Agricultural Communications with a concentration in horticulture. She is a lifelong resident of North Carolina, and devotes her spare time to the rescue and rehabilitation of small exotic animals.



Mary Scholz, RN, PhD -- Ms. Scholz is the full time biofeedback provider and RN in the Motility department of UNC. She came to UNC from Seattle, Washington, in September of 2009. Prior to working at UNC, she was the Director and owner of Mind Body Health PLL C, which provided biofeedback, counseling and hypnosis training to client with chronic pain, headache, and stress related disorders management. Mary holds an undergraduate degree in Nursing, a master’s degree in Behavioral Medicine and a PhD in Psychophysiology. She has taught courses on psychophysiology, pain, headache and stress related disorders in undergraduate and graduate courses. For several years she wrote a column for RN Magazine called Pain Clinic. She is on the Board of Directors for the Behavioral Research and Training Foundation, which offer courses on biofeedback and psychophysiology.

Angela Kibiy

Angela Kibiy, RN -- Ms. Kibiy is the research nurse for Dr. Whitehead and is currently working on an IBS research study.  She received her RN BSN from the University of Eastern Africa and her MPH from the University of Massachusetts.

Kirsten Ambrise, MS

Kirsten Ambrose, MS, CCRC -- Ms. Ambrose is the Project Director for the Center.  Currently, she  is  responsible for  submission of grants, preparing and maintaining budgets for multiple projects, preparation of annual reports, research study implementation, and many other essential aspects to help the Center run smoothly. Kirsten also oversees all the research studies associated with Drs. Whitehead, Palsson, and Heymen.  She graduated with a Masters in Exercise Science, from The George Washington University, and her bachelors degree in Psychology, from Carnegie Mellon University. Kirsten enjoys sailing a trimaran and blogging about Fibromyalgia.

Stefanie Twist

Stefanie Twist, BA -- Ms. Twist is the Center Coordinator.  She received her Bachelors in Psychology from North Carolina State University.  She is responsible for the day to day activities within the Center.  She works to facilitate Center related events and website maintenance.  She also coordinates a research study in collaboration with urgogynecology for the surgical treatment for fecal incontinence.

Robin Dever

Robin Dever, RN -- Ms. Dever received her Associated Degree in Nursing from Durham Technical Community College.  She has worked previously in New Jersey at Shore Memorial Hospital and in UNC GI Procedures before coming to work for the Center as a Nurse Coordinator.  She will be assisting Drs. Yehuda Ringel, Spencer Dorn, Yolanda Scarlett, and Danielle Maier, PA-C.