Information for Health Care Providers

Information For Providers
Information For Providers
Available Services The clinic's unique multi-disciplinary, patient-centered approach integrates medical, physiological, and psychological factors in the evaluation, understanding, and treatment of patients with functional GI disorders. Center gastroenterologists who are experts in these areas provide outpatient consultations and ongoing care.
Dr. Cara O'Connell-Edward, a clinical psychologists who specializes in treating patients with chronic gastrointestinal illness, provides cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation therapy, and stress management.
The motility lab offers advanced diagnostic tests and pelvic floor biofeedback therapy.
How to Refer a Patient Simply fax a completed request form for outpatient consultation or motility tests to 919-966-8929.
Upon reciept, all referrals are reviewed and triaged by a faculty gastroenterologst. When appropriate, patients may be re-routed to our general gastroenterology clinic or another of our GI speciality clinics.
Please note that we do not accept referrals directly from emergency departments nor for management of narcotic bowel syndrome. Also, due to high demand, we only rarely accept referrals from outside North Carolina.
How to Contact Us For general questions, please call 919-966-2259.

For urgent clinical questions during daytime hours, please call 919-966-4131 and ask to page the GI ambulatory fellow (pager# 919-123-7044)

For urgent clinical questions after hours, please call 919-966-4131 and ask to page the GI fellow on call (pager# 919-123-7010).