Coming Soon


12/01/11 - UNC Center for AIDS Research World AIDS Day Symposium: The Race to Prevent and Cure

12/02/11 - Dr. Lisa Rahangdale: "HIV and Pregnancy"

12/13/11 - Dr. Joseph Tucker: "Social Entrepreneurship for Sexual Health: A call to action and review of UNC medical and public health opportunities in South China and Hong Kong

01/18/12 - Dr. Heidi Swygard: "Intimate Partner Violence and Transmission of STIs and HIV"


*Look out for dates for these upcoming events:

  • Global Health and ID Networking Night (January or February)
  • Dr. Peter Leone: "HIV/AIDS in North Carolina"
  • Tour of UNC Hospitals' McLendon Clinical Laboratory (April)
  • Trivia Night with faculty and fellows from the UNC Center for Infectious Disease  (Spring)