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Connect with others who are improving quality and patient safety at UNC.

Patient and Family Advisory Boards

NC Cancer Hospital's Patient and Family Advisory Board - strengthens collaborations between patients, family members and caregivers and the N.C. Cancer Hospital’s health care team to provide the highest quality of comprehensive, safe and compassionate health care

NC Children's Hospital Family Advisory Board - advocates for, promotes and supports patient- and family-centered care within N.C. Children’s Hospital

UNC Partnering with Patients & Families - patient and family arm of UNC's Improving Pediatric Critical Care program

Quality Improvement Coaching and Performance Reporting

UNC Health Care Operational Efficiency - quality improvement coaching for UNC Health Care

UNC Health Care Practice Quality & Innovation - quality improvement coaching and performance reporting for UNC Physicians Network and UNC Faculty Physicians

UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement - promotes development of experience and expertise in improvement through a robust seed grant program

UNC Medical Center Performance Improvement & Patient Safety - quality improvement coaching and performance reporting for UNC Medical Center

Prioritization & Accountability

UNC Medical Center Improvement Council - prioritizes improvement and safety initiatives and goals at UNC Medical Center and facilitates, coordinates, and integrates activities consistent with these goals


UNC Clinical Skills and Patient Simulation Center - primary facility for teaching and assessing clinical skills at UNC Medical School

UNC Health Care Operational Efficiency - Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training for UNC Health Care

UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement -  expands and enhances improvement training for UNC Medical School faculty and residents