IHQI provides funding, coaching and technical assistance through its seed grant program. Applications for FY18 seed grants will be available in late 2016.

2015-2016 Projects

Standard Surgical Blood Order Schedule

& Blood Product Transfusion                                        

Lead: Greg Balfanz, MD

Carolina Conexiones: Satisfaction and Flow for

Spanish-speaking Families in NC Children’s Hospital Outpatient Clinics

Lead: Kori Flower, MD, MS, MPH

Central-line Associated Complications

Lead: Joanna Grudziak, MD

Palliative and Oncology Care for Patients with Advanced Cancer

Lead: Laura Hanson, MD

Peripartum Hemorrhage Reduction

Lead: Tom Ivester, MD, MPH

Daily Goals in the Intensive Care Unit

Lead: Casey Olm-Shipman, MD

Lung Cancer Screening

Lead: Dan Reuland, MD, MPH

Depression Treatment in Primary Care

Lead: Sarah Smithson, MD, MPH

 2014-2015 Projects

Discharge Time at North Carolina Children's Hospital

Lead: Kathleen Bradford, MD

Enhanced Recovery after Major Gastrointestinal Surgery

Leads: Rob Isaak, DO, Lavinia Kolarczyk, MD and H.J. Kim, MD

Lung Protective Ventilation

Lead: Thomas Bice, MD

Preventive Services Outreach in Primary Care

Lead: Shana Ratner, MD

Survivorship Care Plans

Lead: Deborah Mayer, PhD, RN

Unplanned Hospital Admissions for Cancer Patients

Lead: Bhisham Chera, MD