Physician Engagement in Quality & Safety

UNC's goal is to ensure that residents gain a solid foundation in quality improvement, patient safety and patient- and family-centered care. Beginning in 2014-2015, UNC residents will complete "Physician Engagement in Quality & Safety" by the end of their second year. The one-day course highlights the safety and quality challenges facing health care and their origins as well as physicians' role as leaders in improvement work. A defining feature of this course is the emphasis on involving patients and families in quality and safety.

Curriculum Topics

  • Introduction to QI methods (including Lean, Six Sigma and the Model for Improvement)
  • Leadership roles in QI and how to participate in and contribute to QI work at UNC
  • Disclosure of adverse events, patient safety and peer support
  • Partnerships with patients and families in QI/safety

Contact Laura Brown for more information.

Course Faculty

Patience Leino - NC Children’s Hospital Family Advisory Board & UNC PICU Family Advisor

Karen Clark - UNC Newborn Critical Care Center Family Advisory Board

Wallace Beeson - Patient Advisor

Molli Beeson - Family Advisor

Leisa Greathouse - NC Children’s Hospital Family Advisory Board & Pediatric Palliative Care Committee

Mike Pignone - UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement & General Internal Medicine

Shana Ratner - UNC General Internal Medicine

Tina Willis - UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement & Pediatric Critical Care

Andrew Banks - UNC Medical Center Operational Efficiency

Laura Brown - UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement

Celeste Mayer - Patient Safety Officer, UNC Medical Center

Rebecca Smith - UNC Pediatric Critical Care

Alex Toledo - UNC Surgery

Larry Marks - UNC Radiation/Oncology

Bhisham Chera - UNC Radiation/Oncology

Cheri Hanson - UNC Pediatric Critical Care

Teddy Yip - UNC School of Medicine

Robb Malone - UNC Health Care Practice Quality & Innovation