Monthly Quality Reports

Reports on key measures for the EC Anticoagulation and Diabetes Programs, NCQA Heart Stroke, and Appointment Access.

The Enhanced Care Programs rigorously evaluate care provided on a monthly basis in multidisciplinary meetings. We track key measures that allow us to compare ourselves with national standards, other practices as well as compare measures over time. Continuous assessment of key program measures allows us to identify areas of focus for quality improvement projects.

Diabetes Monthly Report

Visit Planner Monthly Process Measures Report

A new version of the Visit Planner care management tool was implemented in March. Selected prompts were added and expanded to the general patient population in addition to prompts focused on diabetes management.

Anticoagulation Monthly Report


We track other registries as well.

Colon Cancer Screening Monthly Report (Under development)


Clinic management evaluate access on a monthly basis in multidisciplinary meetings. We track multiple access measures.

Patient Access and Efficiency Report Library (Intranet only)