Paul D. Ossman, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor

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Department of Medicine

Division of General Medicine and Epidemiology


Paul Ossman initially worked as a high school English teacher in a rural, underserved county in NC. Seeing the health disparities of those he taught as well as seeing the difficulties with teen pregnancy and STD’s, led him to pursue a dual MD, MPH from UNC. Currently, as a lead consultant with the Hospital Ethics Committee and as a practicing hospitalist, Dr. Ossman’s clinical and educational efforts are focused on the hospitalized geriatric patient, as well as the ethical and clinical ramifications of caring for those with complex and incurable illness. Autonomy, consent, capacity, and competency are a large part of Dr. Ossman’s educational efforts with residents and clinicians from his own department as well as across the hospital.

Interests: Hospital Medicine, medical education, bioethics, palliative care. Trained as a high school teacher, teaching patients and resident learners is a very high priority to me. In addition to education, care in the setting of complex and terminal illness as well as bioethics are my major clinical interests.