Diabetes Patient Resources

Educational handouts on taking care of your diabetes and blood sugar logs

If you have diabetes it is important to control your blood sugars, watch what you eat, stay active and take all your medicines.  If you control your blood sugars, you can keep diabetes from damaging your eyes, kidneys and nerves.  It is also important for you and your doctor to take care of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Taking good care of yourself will also require seeing your doctor and diabetes team regularly.

Diabetes Information

Take Care of Your Diabetes  - describes goals, and other important things to do

How to Treat a Low Blood Sugar - instructions on how to treat a low blood sugar (70 or less)

Foot Care - Taking care of your feet is important when caring for your Diabetes

UNC Internal Medicine ADA Diabetes Class Brochure - describes the group class offered in our clinic

Family Planning and Diabetes - important information about contraception for women 55 years old and younger

Blood Sugar Log Sheet

You can use this log sheet to write down your blood sugars and bring to your next visit.