Domestic Violence Patient Resources

Information on domestic violence/abuse and resources available for help

Your health care providers care about your health, emotional well-being and the safety of you and your family. If you or someone you care about are being abused there are people who can help. In addition to the UNC Hospitals Beacon Program, there are community groups who can provide resources and help.

What is domestic violence?

While violence may very well be a part of an abusive relationship, there are other forms of abuse that can be present and just as harmful.  Domestic violence is characterized by a pattern of behaviors that may include repeated assault, pyschological abuse, sexual assault, progressive social isolation, deprivation and intimidation that are carried out by a current partner, past partner or caregiver.

What are some characteristics of an abusive relationship?

  • Excessively jealous and controlling partner or caregiver
  • Being isolated from friends, family and things you like to do
  • Partner has unrealistic expectations of you
  • Having little power or say in family decisions
  • Being denied of necessary medical needs
  • Constantly being put down, called names or picked-on
  • Partner threatens you, your children or family with violence
  • Forced sex or sexual activity from your partner
  • Partner or caregiver physically harms you

Why do my health care providers care if I'm being abused?

Research shows that victims of abuse are likely to experience higher rates of physical and mental illnesses in addition to death resulting from violence.  Your health care providers care about your health, emotional well-being and the safety of you and your family.  If you are being abused, your health care providers at UNC want to know about your situation so we can better support and care for you.  Always call 911 if you have been injured or if your immediate safety is in danger.

Who can help me and my family if I'm in abusive relationship?

Your health care providers at UNC can provide you with a safe, confidential and non-judgemental setting to talk about your situation. There are community groups that can provide you with resources you need such as ongoing emotional support and guidance, shelter and legal assistance.  You are not alone in your struggle.


UNC Hospital's Beacon Program   984-974-0470

The University of North Carolina (UNC) Hospitals Beacon Child and Family Program provides comprehensive, coordinated care to UNC Health Care System's patients and families experiencing a variety of family violence. It includes services for children, victims of domestic abuse, and the elderly. The program provides medical and psychological assessments, counseling, and education for patients. Any patient who has experienced fear, physical danger, threats, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or other violence is eligible. Services are provided at UNC Hospitals, its satellite clinics, or over the phone.

UNC Hosptials Beacon Program website

Other Domestic Violence Resources - a list of groups and agencies that provide assistance listed by county