Resources for Patients who Smoke or use other Tobacco Products

Stopping all tobacco use is one of the best things you can do for your health. Quitting is not easy, but there are many effective tools available to support you.

Talk with your health care provider

Regardless of whether or not you feel ready to quit, you can take steps toward a tobacco free life. Getting support is one of the best ways to start. Talk to your health care provider about medications that can help and the variety of resources that can support you in the process. People who use cessation medications and counseling support have the highest rates of success. 

Just like any new skill or behavior, it takes practice to change. It may take repeated attempts to become tobacco free. It’s worth the effort because you will lower your risk for cancer, heart attack, strokes, and early death. You’ll have more money to spend on things that matter and time to spend with people you love. You will be in control of your life!

Get the support you need and deserve

□  Use the FREE NC Quitline telephone coaching service 1 800 784-8669 (1 800 QUIT NOW). 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. State Health Plan members and residents of Orange County may receive free nicotine patches, gum, and/or lozenges by enrolling. Those who are uninsured or have Medicaid or Medicare may receive a two week supply of nicotine patches, gum, and/or lozenges. The Quitline also offers online support.

□  Schedule an appointment with UNC’s Nicotine Dependence Program to meet with a tobacco treatment specialist who will help you make a plan and provide follow-up support. Call 919 843-1521 or visit

□  Use online sites like or (which also offers a text support program).