Dietitian Visit

We look forward to working with you and your doctor to improve your nutritional health.

Reasons for this Visit:

  • To help improve your diet by making gradual changes over time
  • To set goals and take steps to change behaviors that may lead to better health
  • Provide information and tools to help you control your blood sugars and weight

What to Expect at this Visit:

  • You will spend 30 to 60 minutes with your dietitian
  • We will review your current diet and activity level
  • We will identify goals you would like to achieve and changes needed
  • We will identify challenges and troubleshoot problems
  • We will work together to make changes in your diet and set goals

What to do to Prepare for this Visit:

  • Take all of your medications and check your blood sugar as usual on the day of the visit
  • Bring a list of foods you usually eat or 3 day food record
  • You do not need to fast (not eat) for this visit
  • If you have diabetes, bring your blood sugar log or your meter
  • Bring a loved one or caregiver who usually cooks or prepares meals with you
  • Write down goals you would like to achieve

Eating Lifestyle Mini-Quiz - Print this quiz, complete and bring it with you to your Nutrition Visit to help the Dietitian better personalize your program.

To Contact UNC Internal Medicine’s Nutrition:

Please call our clinic's number to set up an appointment.

Please call if you have any questions or cannot make it to your appointment