Services Offered

Clinical Services Offered at UNC Internal Medicine and what to do to prepare for the visits.

We offer the following Clinic Services for adult patients (18 years or older):
  • Adult Primary Care Clinics - focusing on disease prevention, health promotion, disease management, diagnostic evaluation and acute care
  • Same Day Clinic - established patients can be seen within 2 days for acute (non-emergent) illnesses.  We reserve appointments in our practice to see you on the same day or next day you call.
  • Travel Clinic - immunizations, other medications and traveler's advice for patients planning travel abroad
Disease Management (Enhanced Care) Programs - focusing on patients with chronic conditions
  • Anticoagulation/Warfarin Clinic - monitoring and safe prescription of anticoagulants (warfarin) and prevention of future clots
  • Diabetes Program - visits with diabetes specialists, certified diabetes educators (CDE) and support from care assistants
  • ADA-approved Diabetes Self-Management Education Group - group sessions for patients with diabetes
  • Dietitian/nutrition visits - medical nutrition therapy for patients with diabetes and patients who want to lose weight
  • Chronic Pain Clinic - pain management for patients already established with our clinic
  • Heart Failure - visits with providers, educational sessions and support from care assistants
  • Hospital Follow-Up - visits with providers to discuss recent discharges from hospital to assist patients with transitional care
For our Medicare Patients
  • Medicare Wellness Visits - designed to improve your overall health care by providing a more detailed look at your health risks based on family history, health behaviors and more.
  • Supportive Wellness Program - patients with chronic medical conditions are provided individual and personal care to better manage their health.
Onsite radiology, pharmacy, and laboratory services.


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