Patient Decision Quality Initiative

To promote research on issues of risk communication, patient-provider communication, and shared decision making in health care settings.

Primary Investigator: Carmen Lewis, MD

Co-Investigator: Mike Pignone, MD, Robb Malone, PharmD

Project Manager: Alison Brenner

Research Team: Shaun McDonald


Clinicians and staff at the Division of General Internal Medicine at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill are assessing the most effective and efficient means of providing decision aids to patients to promote patient-centered care. Building on prior work, they are in the process of implementing a variety of patient decision aids using several previously tested delivery models, with the goal of developing a sustainable decision aid delivery system that is fully integrated into clinical workflow. Administrative staff will use administrative data combined with patient-reported information to identify patients who would benefit from use of a decision aid for identified health topics. Clinicians and administrators will use continuous quality improvement techniques to integrate decision aid delivery into the practice. For more information regarding this implementation, please contact Project Manager Alison Brenner at


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