Alcohol Screening & Counseling
Anticoagulation Program
Patients on short or long-term anticoagulation are enrolled in the program and followed by mid-level providers
Cardiovascular Program
In this section you will find protocols and resources for decision making.
Care Management
Chronic Pain Program
Patients taking chronic opioids are enrolled in the program and followed by a mid-level provider
COPD Program
Depression Care Program
The General Internal Medicine Clinic provides comprehensive health care services. Depression is a medical illness that significantly affects health, self-care, and management of chronic illnesses. The Clinic began screening all patients in March 2010. Our Depression Care Program tracks the progress of patients who screen positive. If you are a patient of the Clinic and have depression, your Provider will provide information about depression, discuss available treatments and develop an individualized treatment plan to help you.
Diabetes Program
All clinic patients with diabetes are present in the registry and followed by the Enhanced Care Diabetes Program
Hospital Follow Up
Involuntary committment
Medicare Wellness Visit
Same Day Care
Smoking Cessation Program
Patients who want extra help can see a mid-level provider for appointments focused on tobacco cessation
Travel Visits