Counseling Services at the General Internal Medicine Clinic

Counseling is available with a licensed clinical social worker located in the Internal Medicine Clinic

Internal Medicine Counseling Program

Solution Focused Care, Addressing Mood Improving Health

Patients with primary care providers in the Internal Medicine Clinic now have an option for in-clinic therapy through the Internal Medicine Counseling Program. Psychotherapy services with the Internal Medicine Counseling Program utilize evidence based methods including Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT), Problem Solving Treatment in Primary Care (PST-PC), and mind-body medicine--stress reduction skill training.

The focus of these approaches is to counteract the downward spiral of depression. Patients are given tools to reactivate and/or strengthen their ability to focus on the present and effectively work through problems. With education and planned progressive techniques, and as indicated in combination with pharmacotherapy, treatment will help patients make the link between their efforts to affect their symptoms of depression. Treatment will emphasize the need to begin, or re-engage in physical activity, social interaction and participation in pleasant activities.

A referral needs to be made by a General Internal Medicine Provider. After a referral is accepted, insurance coverage for psychotherapy must be approved (coverage will vary). Psychotherapy appointments can be scheduled on the same day as other appointments in the Internal Medicine Clinic.


 How to make referrals:

  • Providers circle "Counseling" at the bottom of the encounter form
  • Refer through the Clinic Support Website


IMC Psychotherapy Brochure (coming soon)

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