Diabetes Protocols

Protocols/Algorithms and Decision Aids utilized by the Diabetes Program (ex. glycemic management, CV risk reduction)

Diabetes Program Algorithms/Protocols and Decision Aids

We believe that sustained, significant improvement can not be made without employing a standardized, algorithmic approach to care.  Further, where evidence may be lacking, consensus or practice agreement are necessary. Below are the most current algorithms or protocols related to care of patients with diabetes.

Glycemic Management

New Onset Diabetes Protocol

Metformin Protocol

Sulfonylurea Protocol

Insulin Protocol

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Hypertension Protocol (for patients WITH diabetes)

Aspirin Initiation - Decision Aid

Statin Initiation - Decision Aid

Statin Titration Protocol

Health Maintenance/Disease Prevention

ACE-inhibitor Initiation - Decision Aid (DRAFT)

Contraception Decision Aid

Foot Care Program Protocol

Lab Order Protocol

Tobacco Cessation Protocol and Treatment Options

Influenza Protocol

Pneumococcal Protocol