Employee Reference Guide

Helpful information for the established and new employee, includes check-lists, forms, and links to necessary training materials.

Employee Health and Safety Policies
Contains links for Environmental Health & Safety, Employee Health, HIPAA, ONYEN, etc.
Holiday schedules
University and health care holiday schedules.
Continuing Education Opportunities
Leave Preparation
Checklist to prepare for before/during/after vacations (including clinic blocks, vacation carve outs, preceptor swaps, pager, etc.) for faculty and their support staff.
Reference Guide for NEW Faculty and Staff
Check-lists, forms, and links to training information for the new employee, including faculty, providers, and staff.
Reference Guide for DEPARTING Faculty and Staff
Information for faculty, providers, and staff to facilitate transition of duties and completion of tasks prior to transfer, retirement, or transitioning to a new position.
Faculty information request form
Information needed from all General Medicine faculty to be used in developing online profiles.