Dix Schedule

Dorthea Dix Hospital attending schedule for grand rounds.

Dr. Deb Bynum is the main contact for the Dix schedule.



Central Regional Hospital

Schedule of faculty visits


July '13
August '13 Deb Bynum
September '13 Ada Adimora
October '13 Gary Winzelberg
November '13 Jason Katz
December '13
January '14 Jimmy Ford
February '14 Ryan Madanick
March '14 Lee Sigmon and Joseph Bungarner
April '14 Paul Godley
May '14 Paul Chelminski
June '14


Additional information

Each month, the speaker gives 4 lectures to the residents & staff at Dix. (Speakers with an * by their names will give 2 lectures during the month.)

Dr. Bynum organizes the month/faculty member. The speaker then works directly with the Dix folks to coordinate the exact lectures and dates


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