Purpose of IMPACT

IMPACT is a prevention and intervention program that seeks to empower young people, and secondarily, their guardians and families, with the knowledge to make positive changes that will affect their health. The focus is to address the issues of nutrition, overweight, physical fitness and activity primarily through school health education. Moreover, IMPACT endeavors to prevent several health conditions identified by Healthy People 2010 including Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Chronic Back Conditions. Through IMPACT, medical students will educate and empower people to make healthy decisions and, as a result, improve future outcomes as measured by the HP 2010 Determinants of Health.

IMPACT provides a creative, fun, and much needed effective means to improve diet and increase physical activity in the young population of Orange County. Educating the children alone is only a part of the solution to overcoming obesity and overweight. By educating and involving the parents, we will be able to expand the understanding of healthy lifestyles from the school environment to the family setting. With the parents as active participants in the program, we hope to reinforce and further the achievement of healthy choices by the children. We hope to emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyles and encourage the involvement of not only the educators and students, but parents and families as well.

IMPACT’s goals for healthy people embody the goals set forth by Healthy People 2010 as well as the North Carolina 2010 Health Goals. HP 2010 calls for an increase in quality and years of healthy life and the elimination of health disparities. By improving diet and increasing physical activity, IMPACT seeks to improve the overall health and well-being of young people, and moreover, to decrease the risks of developing many health conditions and chronic diseases, the effects of which may be fatal and/or impair quality of life. It is expected that the effects of IMPACT will extend to the students, parents, and families.