Current Studies

Acute HIV Studies at UNC

CID 0804 Longitudinal (CTRC 2134) – Acute HIV Longitudinal Study

POP:        Individuals diagnosed with Acute HIV Infection

CALL:      Amanda Crooks 919-843-9564 or 919-428-7612


PHI 05 - QD Therapy with Dolutegravir/Epzicom for Acute HIV Infection

Q:             Treatment of Acute HIV Infection with one tablet once a day

POP:         Acute HIV infection

MED:        Fixed-dose combination of dolutegravir and epzicom Substudies: leukapheresis, colonoscopy w/ biopsy (compensation provided)

DUR:        2 years (medication provided throughout)

CALL:       JoAnn Kuruc, RN 919-966-8533