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A5325 - A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study to Evaluate the Effect of Isotretinoin on Immune Activation among HIV-1-Infected Subjects with Incomplete CD4+ T cell Recovery on Suppressive ART

  • Question: To evaluate the safety and tolerability of taking isotretinoin (a drug that is approved for use in the treatment of severe acne) at a high dose in HIV-infected subjects on antiretroviral therapy and whether it can help improve the immune system by repairing some of the damage that HIV does to a person’s immune system.
  • Population:HIV-1 infected adults who have been virologically suppressed on ART for at least 12 months and with CD4+T cell count <350 cells/mm3 at screening.  
  • Medication: Isotretinoin
  • Contact: David Ragan (919) 966-2623

PHI 05 - QD Therapy with Dolutegravir/Epzicom for Acute HIV Infection

  • Question: Treatment of Acute HIV Infection with one tablet once a day
  • Population: Acute HIV infection

  • Medication: Fixed-dose combination of dolutegravir and epzicom

  • Duration: 2 years (medication provided throughout)

  • Contact: Emily Barrows 919-966-7747