Pharmacokinetic/Laboratory Studies

IRB 09-2120: TDF/FTC/EFV/ATV/r PK in Aging HIV-Infected Patients

  • Question: Determine pharmacokinetic differences in Atripla (FTC/TDF/EFV) OR Truvada + boosted Reyataz (FTC/TDF/ATV/r) in HIV-infected subjects as they age
  • Population: 100 outpatient HIV-1 + adults receiving Atripla OR Truvada + boosted Reyataz without anemia or significant drug interactions, willing to provide multiple blood samples.
  • Medication: No med provided; must be adherent & receiving med ≥ 2 weeks prior to screening.
  • Duration: Inpatient: 2 x 2-14 hour outpatient visits with 1-3 blood draws each visit, comleted within 6 months. Length of visits and timing of blood samples flexible.
  • Call: Heather Prince 919-843-6848; Julie Dumond 919-966-5017