ID Care at UNC

ID ClinicU.S. News & World Reports ranks UNC's School of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases #6 in its list of top training programs that prepare physicians to care for people living with HIV. The Division of Infectious Diseases has a faculty of more than 50 physicians and researchers working on everything from influenza to tropical diseases to emerging infections.

The UNC ID Clinic specializes in treating people with infectious diseases. The ID Clinic meets five days each week in a large and modern facility on the first floor of North Carolina Memorial Hospital. The clinic manages 1,500 patients with HIV infection. The clinic also offers treatment of infections in returning travelers. A variety of outpatient infectious diseases are evaluated by the consult service.

UNC Infectious Diseases faculty provide extensive outreach services led by Heidi Swygard, MD, MPH:

  • Durham County Health Department: Arlene Sena, MD, MPH
  • Lincoln Community Health Center El Clinic: Heidi Swygard, MD, MPH
  • Wake County Clinic A: Robert Dodge, PhD, RN, ANP
  • North Carolina HIV/STD Prevention and Control Branch: Heidi Swygard, MD, MPH
  • North Carolina Department of Corrections, Division of Prisons: Becky White, MD, MPH

The ID Division manages two consult services (General ID and Compromised Host) and an in-patient ward. The busy Compromised Host Service delivers care to patients with organ transplants, cancer and other patients with immunosuppression and in the NC Jaycee Burn Unit.