Current trainees

2013-2014 Trainees

Parker Hudson, MD
Education: University of Pennsylvania
Project: Interested in global health, health care system and effectiveness research, and prevention, young adult and adolescent clinical medicine

James Lewis, MD
Education: University of Arkansas, Washington University (Barnes-Jewish Hospital)
Project: Interested in parasitology, both translational lab work and epidemiology

Onyeka Nwankwo, MD
Education: Case Western Reserve University, University of Michigan
Project: Interested in epidemiology and prevention of infectious complications, Epidemic Intelligence Service training after fellowship

Sara Williford, MD
Education: University of Rochester
Project: Hepatitis

2012-2013 Trainees

Sophia Califano, MD
Education: Brown University, University of Michigan
Project (Mentor): Project HIV in the Correctional System (David Wohl)

Christopher Sellers, MD
Education: UNC, Mt Sinai
Project: Studying populations in Sub Saharan Africa that are high risk for infection and transmission beyond traditional risk groups such as sex workers and people at STI clinics and then attempting to shift these dynamics via targeted testing, linkage to care and treatment strategies for high risk groups (Mina Hosseinipour, Bill Miller, Cindy Gay)

Andrea Shahum, MD, PhD
Education: Bratislava, Yale Norwalk
Project (Mentors): Studying a cohort of children in Cambodia with HIV infection being treated with HAART and examining HIV drug resistance as well as resistance to TB drugs in these children (Christopher Hurt, Annelies van Rie, Joe Eron)

Sara Williford MD
Education:  University of Rochester, University of Rochester
Project (Mentor): Hepatitis C virus laboratory research (Stan Lemon)

2011-2012 Trainees

Michael Herce, MD, MPH
Education: Yale, Harvard, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston
Project (Mentor): Operational Research in Malawi

Arthur Jackson, MBBCh, DTMH
Education: Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, St. James Hospital, Dublin
Project (Mentor): Antibiotic Management

Anne Lachiewicz, MD, MPH
Education: University of North Carolina
Project (Mentor): Compromised Host ID 

2010-2011 Trainees 

Alisa Alker MD, PhD
Education:  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(Fast track to research year)
Project (Mentor): A spatiotemporal analysis of the molecular evolution of the H5N1 Avian Influenza virus in China (Michael Emch, Bill Miller)

Natalie Bowman, MD, PhD
Education: Columbia University, Cambridge University, Johns Hopkins University
Project (Mentor):  Epidemiology of Vector-borne diseases (Steven Meshnick, Michael Emch)

Claire Farel, MD
Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Harvard University
(Transferring from Harvard Program to start third year research training)
Project (Mentor): HIV Infection and Women Incarcerated in a Southern State Prison System Obstacles to Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy and Use of Pharmacy Refill Data as a Measure of Adherence Among HIV-Positive Female Prison Releasees (Carol Golin and David Wohl)
Received a 2010 Bristol Myers Squibb Fellows Research Grant and a 2010 NIH F32 Research Grant 

Christopher Lippincott, MD
Education: University of Virginia, Ohio State University
Project (Mentor):  Characterizing the use and interpretation of the Xpert MTB/RIF assay in patients with drug-resistant Tuberculosis in South Africa (Annelies van Rie)

Michael Vinikoor, MD
Education: Loyal University of Chicago, Rush University
Project (Mentor):  Immune activation and inflammation in ART-treated acute HIV (Eron, Gay); Prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in HIV infected adults (Joe Eron, Sonia Napravnik)

2009-2010 Trainees

Satish Gopal, MD, PhD
Education: Duke University, University of Michigan
(Completing a joint Oncology/ID fellowship)
Project (Mentor): A descriptive analysis of cancer presentation, treatment, and clinical outcomes in a southeastern HIV clinical cohort with comparison to HIV-uninfected controls (Joe Eron) 

Jessica Lin, MD
Education: Baylor College of Medicine, University of Californa at San Diego
Project (Mentor): The genotypic diversity of relapsing parasites and the effect of mixed malaria infections on gametocytogenesis in Plasmodium vivax clinical infections (Steven Meshnick, Jon Juliano)  

2008-2009 Trainees

Ann Dennis, MD
Education: University of New Mexico, Brown University School of Medicine
Project (Mentor): Molecular Epidemiology of HIV-infected Latinos in North Carolina (Anderson, Joe Eron, Sonia Napravnik) 
Received a 2010 Bristol Myers Squibb Virology Fellows Research Grant and a 2010 NC TraCS Research Grant

William Messer, MD, PhD
Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Project (Mentor): The characterization of critical viral epitopes for human antibody-mediated immunity to dengue virus infection using a reverse genetic system (Ralph Baric)  
Received a 2011 SERCEB Career Development Award 

Victoria Mobley, MD, MPH
Education: Duke University, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Project (Mentor): The effect of neighborhood poverty level on HIV virologic failure and Mycoplasma genitalium infection in women attending the Durham STD clinic. (Ada Adimora, Arlene Sena)