Former trainees

2011-2012 Trainees

Michael Herce, MD, MPH, 2014-2015 Fogarty Global Health Fellow conducting research in Zambia

Arthur Jackson, MBBCh, DTMH, Joined faculty of University of Cork 2013.

Anne Lachiewicz, MD, MPH, Joined UNC faculty January 2014.


Alisa Alker MD, PhD, Practicing ID in Asheville NC, adjunct faculty at UNC.

Natalie Bowman, MD, MPH, Joined UNC faculty 2014.
Awarded K23-AI113197: The pathogenesis of T. Cruzi in HIV infected persons in Bolivia 9/15/2014-8/31/2019

Christopher Lippincott, MD, 2013-2014 Fogarty Global Health Fellow in South Africa.

Michael Vinikoor, MD, Joined UNC faculty in July 2014 based in Zambia.
Awarded K01-TW009998:
Impact of antiretroviral therapy on liver fibrosis in Zambian HIV/HBV patients 12/1/2014- 11/30/2018


Satish Gopal, MD, PhD, Cancer Program Director at UNC Project Malawi.
Awarded K01-TW009488 : Developing a prospective clinical cohort of histopathologically characterized lymphoma patients in Malawi 9/20/2012 - 6/30/2017; and an R21: Molecular Profiling of HIV-associated lymphoma in the US and Malawi.

Jessica Lin, MD, Joined UNC ID faculty in 2013.
Received K award: Genetic determinants of Plasmodium vivax relapse.


Ann Dennis, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases, UNC-CH.
Awarded K08-AI112432: Using Phylogenetics to Elucidate HIV Transmission Patterns and Inform Prevention 6/15/2014 - 5/31/2018

William Messer, MD, PhD, Joined Oregon Health Sciences University ID Faculty in 2013.

Victoria Mobley, MD, MPH, Currently works for the NC Department of Health and Human Services Epidemiology Branch.


Gretchen Arnoczy, MD, Infectious Diseases Specialist, FirstHealth, Moore Regional Hospital, Pinehurst, NC.

Yvonne Carter, MD, Director, Infectious Diseases, Rural Health Group, Inc; Adjunct Assistant Professor, East Carolina Univ.

Laura Guderian, MD, One Medical Group, Internal Medicine New York, NY.


David Fitzgerald, MD, Infectious Diseases Specialist Kernodle Clinic (Duke affiliate) Burlington, NC.

Christopher Hurt, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases, UNC-CH
Received a 2010 NC TraCS Clinical Career Research Development (KL2) Award. Awarded K23-MH099941: Home-Collected Blood Spots to Increase HIV Test Frequency among Young Black MSM 5/01/2013 - 4/30/2018

Joel Kammeyer, MD, MPH, Private Practice, Cleveland


Mary Catherine Bowman, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Florida State University

Jon Juliano, MD, MScPH, Clinical Assistant Professor, UNC

Cornelius Van Dam, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Moses Cone Hospital


Jeffrey Anderson, MD, PhD, Industry
Brian Bramson, MD, Associate Professor, General Medicine & Pediatrics, UNC-CH


Joseph Duncan, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, UNC and Director of the UNC ID Fellowship
Cynthia Gay, MD, Assistant Professor, UNC
Emily Wong, MD, Lehigh Valley Infectious Diseases, Lehigh Valley Hospital & Health Network


Jaspaul Jawanda, , MD, Assistant Professor, UNC
Dina Hooshyar, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD, Assistant Professor, UNC
Shannon Galvin, MD, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University


Anthony Edozien, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor University of Maryland
Sherene Min, MD, GlaxoSmithKline, RTP
Yoshihiko Murata, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
Kristine Patterson, MD, Assistant Professor, UNC


Mina Hosseinipour, MD, MPH, Scientific Director of UNC Project Malawi and Assistant Professor, UNC


Bruce Israel, MD, Private Practice, Asheville, NC
Heidi Swygard, MD, Assistant Professor, UNC
Judith Ng-Cashin, MD, GlaxoSmithKline, RTP


Michael Blocker, MD, Private Practice, Burlington, NC
Srilatha Edupuganti, MD, Assistant Professor, Emory University
Christopher Pilcher, MD, Associate Professor, UCSF


Becky White, MD, Assistant Professor, UNC, Director, Prison ID Services
Dickens Theodore, MD, Investigator, GlaxoSmithKline


Arlene Seña-Soberano, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, UNC, and Director, Durham County Health Department


David Wohl, MD, Associate Professor, UNC, Chapel Hill,


Kimberly Fox, MD, MPH, Director, Global AIDS Program, Asia Regional Office
Bruce Gilliam, MD, Associate Professor, University of Maryland
Meera Kelley, MD, VP, Quality Improvement, Wake Medical Center
Sabina Lee, MD, Assistant Professor, Duke University


Cynthia Cornelissen, PhD, Associate Professor, MCV
Chris Elkins, PhD, Associate Professor, UNC
Susan Isbey, MD, Private practice, Durham, NC
Wanla Kulwichit, MD, Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Pietro Vernazza, MD, Professor, Institut für Klinische Mikrobiologie und Immunologie, Switzerland


Beverly Alston, MD, Medical Officer, DAIDS, NIH
Robert Wehbie, MD, Private Practice, Raleigh, NC


Holli Hamilton, MD, Director Clinical Research, DMID, NIH
Andrew Kaplan, MD, Professor, UNC (deceased)
Dennis Walling, MD, Professor, Univ. of Texas, Galveston, TX


Susan Cohn, MD, Professor, Northwestern University
Jonathan Serody, MD, Professor, University of North Carolina
Daniel Shapiro, MD, Professor, Boston U. School of Medicine


David Gutsch, MD, Associate Professor, University of Michigan
Daniel J. Hassett, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati
E. Byrd Quinlivan, MD, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina


Paul Becherer, MD, Private practice, Raleigh, NC
Robert D. Weber, MD, Private practice, Colorado Springs, CO


Edwin Brown, MD, Private Practice, Raleigh, NC
David Markovitz, MD, Professor, University of Michigan


John S. Adams, MD, Private practice, Knoxville, TN
Steven Jenison, MD, HIV Director, New Mexico Health Dept.
Shannon Kenney, MD, Distinguished Professor, University of Wisconsin


William McKenna, MD, Private practice, Asheville, NC
Jack Stapleton, MD, Professor, University of Iowa


Bradley Britigan, MD, Professor and Chair, Medicine, University of Cincinnati
Susan Mertz Saviteer, MD, Private practice, Concord, NH


Deirdre Achtellik Henderson, MD, Professor, Wake Forest School of Medicine
Charles van der Horst, MD, Professor, University of North Carolina


John R. Black, MD, Clinical Professor, University of Indiana
Peter Dandalides, MD, Medical Director, Cigna


James E. Peacock, MD, Professor, Wake Forest School of Medicine
William M. Shafer, PhD, Professor, Emory School of Medicine
Robert J. Sherertz, MD, Professor, Chief of ID, Wake Forest School of Medicine
John Sixbey, MD, Professor, Louisiana State University