Research Lab

Creto Kanyemba in the microbiology lab at Tidziwe
Creto Kanyemba in the microbiology lab at Tidziwe Centre


The UNC Project laboratory started in 1992 with a team of two technicians carrying out HIV testing and sample preparation at the Kamuzu Central Hospital. Now the laboratory has five sites and a team of 15 technicians, four supervisors, two managers and one HPTN QA/QC coordinator.

The lab supports local field studies, the Lighthouse HIV Clinic and other international studies done in collaboration with our partners. All studies are divided among supervisors, each manning a team of three to four technicians. Teams from all the different studies meet twice a month to update other laboratory members on the developments of the studies.

Study teams are assembled according to specific study needs. Laboratory personnel are given assignments according to study size and an individual's experience and availability. Team members receive continued training and are rotated every four months.