UNC has strong presence at international HIV/AIDS conference

The 17th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2010) took place in San Francisco, CA, February 16-19, 2010. CROI is a scientifically focused meeting of the world's leading researchers working to understand, prevent, and treat HIV/AIDS and its complications.

Faculty and graduate students from UNC presented a total of 23 abstracts. "It is tremendously exciting to see the interest generated at CROI by the presentations coming from UNC and our collaborators around the world," said Charles van der Horst, MD, professor of medicine and infectious diseases at UNC. "I am particularly pleased by the diversity of topics, including basic laboratory science, epidemiology and clinical research, as well as the number of younger trainees who presented abstracts." Two of UNC's Malawian trainees won Young Investigator Awards for their research.


  1. Adaora Adimora*, V Schoenbach, E Taylor, M Khan, and R Schwartz. Concurrent Partnerships, Non-Monogamous Partners, and Substance Use Among Women in the United States. Abstract 968.
  2. Jeffrey Anderson*, L-H Ping, O Dibben, C Jabara, I Hoffman, P Kazembe, P Borrow, S Fiscus, M Cohen, and R Swanstrom.  HIV-1 Enters in the Seminal Tract by Multiple Mechanisms and in a Cytokine-Rich Environment. Abstract 138.
  3. N Archin, M Cheema, R Sackmann, A Sugarbaker, L Ngo, J Kuruc, C Gay, M Cohen, J Eron, David Margolis*, and for NC STAT and CHAVI.  Correlation of Peak and Duration of Viremia with Resting CD4+ T Cell Infection in Acute HIV Infection. Abstract 464.
  4. Kevin Brown*, K Patterson, S Malone, N Shaheen, H Prince, J Dumond, M Spacek, P Heidt, M Cohen, and A Kashuba. Antiretrovirals (ARV) for Prevention: Maraviroc (MVC) Exposure in the Semen (SE) and Rectal Tissue (RT) of Healthy Male Volunteers after Single and Multiple Dosing. Abstract 85.
  5. Lillian Brown*, W Miller, G Kamanga, N Nyirenda, P Mmodzi, C Mapanje, A Pettifor, F Martinson, M Cohen, and I Hoffman.  HIV Partner Notification is Feasible in Sub-Saharan Africa with a High Yield of Newly Diagnosed HIV Infection. Abstract 960.
  6. Charles Chasela* and the BAN Study Team. Prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus Infection among Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 Infected Pregnant Women in Malawi: The BAN Study. Abstract 693.
  7. Francesca Conradie*, C Wallis, W Stevens, M Fox, C Van Der Horst, R Wood, M Dehlinger, J McIntyre, I Sanne, and CIPRA-SA Study Team. Virological Failure Rates among Women Exposed to sdNVP Compared to Women not Exposed to sdNVP: Results from CIPRA-SA. Abstract 915.
  8. Elena Dukhovlinova*, A Masharsky, S Verevochkin, A Shevchenko, O Toussova, R Skochilov, J Anderson, M Cohen, R Swanstrom, and A Kozlov.  A Significant Transmission Bottleneck among Newly and Recently HIV-1-infected IDU in St Petersburg, Russia. Abstract 477.
  9. Nneka Emenyonu*, H Thirumurthy, W Muyindike, B Mwebesa, K Ragland, E Geng, C Pop-Eleches, J Habyarimana, and D BangsbergCash Transfers to Cover Clinic Transportation Costs Improve Retention in Care in a HIV Treatment Program in Rural Uganda. Abstract 831.
  10. Joseph Eron. Limitations of Current Therapies in Developed Countries. Abstract 183.
  11. Joseph Eron*, D Cooper, R Steigbigel, B Clotet, H Wan, A Meibohm, P Sklar, B-Y Nguyen, H Teppler, and the BENCHMRK-1 and 2 Study Groups. Sustained Antiretroviral Effect of Raltegravir at Week 156 in the BENCHMRK Studies and Exploratory Analysis of Late Outcomes based on Early Virologic Responses. Abstract 515.
  12. Matthew Fox*, I Sanne, F Conradie, J Zeinekcer, C Orrell, P Ive, M Rassool, M Dehlinger, C van der Horst, R Wood, and CIPRA-SA. The Effect of Initiating Patients on HAART at CD4 Counts above 200 on Virologic Failure and Death in South Africa: Evidence from the CIPRA-SA Trial. Abstract 521.
  13. Shannon Galvin*, M Precopio, N Kaydos-Daniels, S Reddy, C Mapanje, I Hoffman, R Koup, M Cohen, and CIS Study Team. HIV-1 Specific Cellular Immune Responses in a Population of Persons at Risk for HIV. Abstract  357.
  14. Lytt Gardner*, G Marks, C O’Daniels, T Wilson, C Golin, B Quinlivan, J Wright, M Thompson, and M Thrun. Declines in Partners Exposed to Risk of HIV Infection: the CDC Prevention in Care Settings (PICS) Study. Abstract 961.
  15. Christine Hogan*, V DeGruttola, E Daar, X Sun, C Del Rio, S Fiscus, T Frazier, B Hare, M Markowit9, S Little, and the A5217 Study Team. A Finite Course of ART during Early HIV-1 Infection Modestly Delays Need for Subsequent ART Initiation: ACTG A5217, The SETPOINT Study. Abstract 134.
  16. Dumbani Kayira and the BAN Study Group. A High-energy, Micronutrient-fortified Supplement Is Effective for Reducing Nutritional Depletion among HIV-infected, Breastfeeding Women: The Breastfeeding, Antiretrovirals, and Nutrition Study. Abstract 838.
  17. Surender Kumar*, V Mwapasa, S Rogerson, S Meshnick, and J Kwiek. Elevated Placental Cytokines Levels Are Associated with in Utero HIV-1 MTCT. Abstract 903.
  18. J Liner, R Meeker, and Kevin Robertson.* CNS Toxicity of Antiretroviral Drugs. Abstract 435.
  19. Julia Peterson*, E Lee, F Hecht, R Price, K Robertson, and S Spudich.  Neurocognitive Performance during Primary HIV-1 Infection. Abstract 424.
  20. Daniel Westreich*, D Rubel, P MacDonald, P Majuba, M Maskew, S Nagar, I Jaffray, P MacPhail, S Cole, and I Sanne. Pregnancy, Efavirenz, and Birth Outcomes in Johannesburg. Abstract 922.
  21. Daniel Westreich*, A Van Rie, M Maskew, P MacPhail, and I Sanne. Incident Tuberculosis and Mortality in the Themba Lethu Clinical Cohort, Johannesburg, South Africa. Abstract 780.
  22. David Wohl*, P Smith, K Green, D Strauss, M Bowling, R Devellis, E Cutler, B White, and C Golin. Opt-Out HIV Testing on Prison Entry Increases the Proportion of Individuals Screened for HIV and the Number Testing Seropositive. Abstract 1006.
  23. Edwina Wright*, B Grund, K Robertson, M Roediger, B Brew, F Drummond, W Pumpradit, J Shlay, A Penalva de Oliveira, R Price, and for the INSIGHT SMART Study Group. CVD and CVD Risk Factors Are Associated with Lower Baseline Neurocognitive Performance in the SMART Neurology Substudy. Abstract 415.
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