Past Publications


Insight Out Spring 2010: Chapel Hill can get SAD in the Summer - NC BioStart: Great Start for Biomedical Entrepreneurship - Non-Traditional Students Are a Valued Piece of the Medical School Admissions Puzzle - As Maternal Death in the U.S. Rises, Traditional Birth Offers an Alternative - From Piedmont to Coast: Examining Social Determinants of Health - Dispatch from Haiti - A Different Dental Experience - Mapping Malaria: One Coordinate at a Time - A Weighted Collapse - Blue Aura - Elephants - Hungry



Insight Out Spring 2009: Some Fat Stuff Changes Fast - A Tale of Two Clinics - Proaction over Reaction - Just Ten Days - De Estudiantes, Para Estudiantes: Scholars Latino Initiative - Argentina Summer Carpentry - Shamans and Iguanas - Healthcare in the Land of a Thousand Hills - Responsible Service - Finding My 'Hogar' - The End of Innocence - Honduras Reflection - Spreading Smiles Abroad



Insight Out Spring 2008: Project Isonaza - Feeling The Blues - The True Meaning of Service - Rwandan Summer - One Last Plea for Help - Tiger Toothache - Education: A Right for All - Lawra - Quilt - Homeless Among Us



Insight Out Spring 2007: Why We Need a Service Mentality - Who Will Go Back? One Volunteer's Gulf Coast Story - Healing the Survivors - Just for the Kids - Language and the American Dream: A Parent's Perspecitve - Universal Language - Building Bridges to Mexico - The Camillian Social Center for Sufferers of HIV/AIDS - Numbered Days - Photo Montage - The Lessons of Service - Notes on a Life - Putting Down Books, Picking Up Shovels - The Ubuntu of Banking - It's Time to Eat! Undernutrition in Fondwa, Haiti - Reverend's Medicine



Insight Out Spring 2006: Making Tar Heels Smile: ENNEAD Dental Volunteer Society - No Costumes Necessary: 'Jest' Having Fun - Rebuilding from the Ashes: Repairing Burnt Churches in West Virginia - Finding Hope in the Wake of Katrina - Remember Carmen: A New Orleans Story - Snapshots of the Low Country - Building Healthy Communities Globally: An International Experience in Guatemala - The Universal Language - India's Future - Ten Days in Guatemala: Learning that Will Last a Lifetime - Off the Beaten Path: The Uganda Village Project - Journal Entries from a Summer in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo - The Prolapsed Hand



Insight Out Spring 2005: If I Could Do Something About HIV/AIDS - Volunteering at the Alamance Open-Door Clinic - Listening: The Best Medicine - A New? Perspective on Development and Aid - Two Worlds in One - Coaching Lesson - A Shared Life - Reality Check - Rusty and Marsha - Icebreakers - One American's Tsunami Story - Let AIDS Be Our Mortal Enemy - Halting Hands - Soul Food - Seeds of Change - Summer in India - Habitat for Humanity in Thailand - ENNEAD - Service in South America


Insight Out Spring 2004: The Hard Work of Service - A New Look at My Hometown - Volunteering: A Two-Way Street - An Experience No One Can Own - "One Time, in Peace Corps ..." - The Office of Citizen - Poverty Isn't Noble - Personal Legend - The Next Best Thing to Sight - Why Do I Do This? - Tuba City - Blinded - Dust and Concrete - Manuel - Gone But Not Forgotten - Remembering Cecil Sheps - Community Service Is ...  - Legacy Unclaimed - Health for Habitat - My Teachers - Music That Heals



Insight Out Spring 2003: Building Healthier Communities - Babysitting for Latina Mothers - Camp Celebrate - Haircuts and Blood Pressure Cuffs - Dental SHAC - Empowering Youth for a Tobacco-Free Future - Doctor, Advocate, Activist - Mountain Mental Health: A Look at Teen Depression in Asheville, North Carolina - What Counts as "Making a Difference"? - Poor vs. Impoverished - Voices of India - Bernice - Ready Scorpions, Willing Students: Inspiration in the Hindukush Mountains - Deja Vu - For Bobbie, and the Vanquished Souls of Baby Elephants - On the Other Side of the Stethoscope - Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Bloomer Hill - Photovoice: Latino Adolescents Share Their Perspectives - Artist's Hand - AmeriCorps*NCCC - Doulas: BirthPartners in Action



Insight Out Spring 2002: 9/11 Reflections on New York - "No Worries, Mate!" - New Faces in North Carolina - Road to El Desemboque - My Life as a Hill Rat - Keeping Promises in Jamaica - Canyon Visitor - UNC Legacy - Strides of Heroes - Desert Tea - The Meaning of Service - Planting Seeds - Assignment with Wings - Celebration of the Life of Jim Gibson, Volunteer - Grandmother - The "Seven C's (plus one)" of Public Service - Reflections of an Army Nurse - On Being a Guardian ad Litem - Moving Along the Learning Curve - Giving - Images of Service - Saudade - Service Learning in Mexico



Insight Out Spring 2001:  Return to the Children - The Rhythms of Haiti - Interpreting for Rape Victims - Using Telemedicine to Respond to Disasters - Getting a "Head Start" on Dental Hygiene - Hormones vs. Health Information - In the Service of Life - Field Experience - In the City of Joy - La Violencia Intrafamiliar - Chabelita - Home of the Brave - Life Lessons - From the Mouths of Heroes - The Invisible Underserved - Senior PHARMAssist - Cultural Interventions from Public Health in Guam - Leadership and Clinicianship - Images of Service - The First Time - My Eyes



Insight Out Spring 2000:  The Making of a Volunteer - Nicaragua Diary - Trip to the Dominican Republic - Cherokee - Heartfelt - Projcet Homestart - To Russia With Love - Reflections on a Crisis - Letter to a Friend - Listening to Stories - Lessons from the Field - Keeping Faith - Courage in the Face of AIDS - Excerpts from a Journal - Ethical Issues for Students Conducting Community-Based Research - Community of Caring - Gender and HIV in Thailand - Bloomer Hill - Oral Health in Eastern Europe - Spiritual Growth through Community Service - Chrysalis