Submit Material

Directions for submitting material to Insight Out:

Insight Out works with freelance student writers, artists, and journalists.  The magazine accepts original, previously unpublished medical journalism articles and creative reflections on service work and patient interactions in the form of essays, poetry, photography, and art.  We also receive several submissions each year from professors and alumni sharing their personal reflections and experiences.

For those interested in submitting, please organize, draft, and proofread extensively before contacting us.  Insight Out has a small staff of students, so we cannot feasible re-write or re-tool entire submissions for you, even if your experience or thoughts are profound and important to share with the wider community.  That said, while submissions should ideally be compliant with Associated Press (AP) Style, the Editorial Board understands that many students are not familiar with formatting their work this way.  If your submission is not compliant with AP Style, editors will reformat your submission for you.

Any proofs and edits recommended by the staff will be returned to the submitter promptly, with more information on deadlines for the submission to be accepted in the next issue.

Submissions may be sent to  Please attach articles as Word documents (.doc, .docx, etc.) and photographs as high-resolution files (.jpg, etc.).