Student Experiences


Massage and Bodywork Therapist Virginia Sprague utilizes a variety of "techniques" such as acupressure, trigger point therapy, Esalen, Swedish, reflexology and deep tissue.  She came to campus and gave chair massages at a discounted rate to 15 students in spring 2008.  She was fantastic.  She is conveniently located in Carrborro and offers 15min free on your 1st visit with a 10% discount to UNC students on all following sessions!  Contact Virginia at 919-619-0323 or to set up an appt.  Her website is

Student quotes to Integrate!:
"I liked the massage! Very relaxing, Virginia is a true professional with decades of experience and of course the price was right... overall, fantastic experience."

Corwen L Baker
focuses on medical massage, neuromuscular and myofacial release, used for pain relief for chronic and acute muscular or stress conditions. He also uses reiki-style energy work and mild stretching. 
Corwen volunteered his time to perform 18 free chair massages on campus for med students in spring 2007.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  Many students felt the 20 minute massage was a great way to relax without occupying to much study time. 
Corwen is has relocated to Asheville, NC. Contact Corwen at 919-260-4088 to set up an appt.  His rates are very reasonable.

Student quotes to Integrate!:
"Thanks so much for setting this up.  It was so relaxing and exactly what I needed!"
"Cory is the perfect massage therapist.  He made me comfortable right away so I was able to really relax."


Jim Lev practices shiatsu and reflexology.  He volunteered three free 90-120min session for med students.  Jim emphasized that for these sessions "the idea should not be what the person feels immediately during and after the session - but to what extent this session shows him or her a way to deal with stress and many other complex body/mind/spirit issues in the future".
Jim then generously volunteered an afternoon to come teach a workshop on  shiatsu and reflexology techiniques.   Out of  series of workshops with different practitioners, Jim's  method of teaching and the specific techniques he chose to teach were rated the best by  several students. 
Contact Jim at 919-960-9049 or go to to set up an appointment.  His rates are reasonable and well worth the health benefits (but if money is a concern for you he offered to include some flexibility in his rates for students - just ask).

Student quotes to Integrate!:
"Jim's session was the most helpful and successful for me."
"I did feel better afterwards.  It didn't hurt, but definitely stretched by body in ways I wasn't used to. For the most part I was very relaxed; there was a good atmosphere in the room, and I was able to mentally wind down."


Dr. Chas  Gaertner offers chiropractic care and massage therapy.  He is very conveniently located downtown and is popular with students.  He offered significantly discounted rates to a couple medical students in need. Contact Dr. Gaertner at 919-929-3552 to set up an appointment.  Reasonable rates and highly recommended.

Student quote to Integrate!:
"Dr. Gaertner is a great chiropractor.  I see him every couple of months and get immediate relief from my "too much studying" back ache.  I feel lighter, less tense and sleep so much better for weeks after an adjustment."


The practitioners at the  Acupuncture Healing Center,,  generously invited a group of students to their clinic to learn about acupuncture and experience sessions for themselves.   The Center has a very unique approach, called community clinic, which you can learn more about on their website.  This approach makes it very affordable for students, $40-60 on the first session and $25-35 on following sessions (both sliding scale). 


Student quotes to Integrate!:

"I was so relaxed when I got of the table I felt like I might fall over!"

"The needles  didn't hurt like I thought they would.  I felt really calm and centered afterward.  And my back didn't hurt anymore!  I'm definitely going back."