Course Offerings

The Science of Medicine Selective is offered during 4-week blocks that correspond to the Individualization Phase schedule. Please see the calendar for the specific blocks in which the Science of Medicine Selective is offered.   CURRENT APPLICATION PHASE STUDENTS (Class of 2018):  During the 2016-2017 academic year, this WILL NOT BE OFFERED AT UNC during the winter holidays to allow for flexibility of scheduling residency interviews.

Please refer to the left-hand side for a complete listing of Science of Medicine offerings in Asheville, Charlotte and Chapel Hill.

We do allow other rotations to be used for the Science of Medicine selective, but they must be approved by the course director, the clinical preceptor and Student Affairs. If you have an interest in making arrangements for another elective to be used, please talk to the elective director first. The specific requirement that must be met are your availability on Monday mornings (before noon) or occasional Friday afternoons for seminars.  If they agree to this, then contact Leanne Shook in Student Affairs to arrange scheduling and the Science of Medicine course director for approval.